Random facts about me

  • I can go for four months without doing laundry and still have closet 80% full.
  • I invented a word that few people actively use.
  • I ride a yellow Vespa. It's a girl and her name is Duckie.
  • I have a degree in Computer Science.
  • I am a face of Gmail.
  • Yes, I've been to Petra, Jordan.
  • I speak a language you probably never heard of.
  • I recently got married in Dracula's castle (also featured on Style Me Pretty)
  • I have a giant forehead and so does my husband.
  • I am a dowser. I can find underground water using two metal wires. Don't ask me how it works. It just does. I'm still puzzled by it.
  • I make the best crepes in the world and I'm up for a crepe-off any time!
  • I have lots of goals.