/bo͞oblibiSHəs/  Adjective

  1. warm and sweet

  2. furry or fuzzy

  3. loving or kind

  4. nourishing your mind or body


Coined by P. Cross in 2004 in reference to Fluffy (a white Shih-Tzu) who exhibits extreme bublibiciousness. The word became widely used to reference loving people, cute animals, yummy and nourishing food, actions of kindness, etc... 


-- That French food bublibished me.

-- Even people who annoy you are bublibicious at heart. You just need to help them find their inner bublibiciousness.

-- The baby smiled at me and was extremely bublibicious towards me.

-- The furry creature is bublibishing on the couch.

-- I am underbublibished. I need a hug. Come and bublibish with me.