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A scene from Khan Al Khalili Bazaar in Cairo, which I shot in January 2011, just days before the revolution. The man walking down the stairs is my husband and the lady in baby blue sweater in the background is our guide Mariam. Someone else's photo of the same scene inspired me to go to Cairo. Yes, this image is the reason we visited Egypt. Well worth it.

Basilica Di Giorgio Maggiore as seen from Piazza San Marco.

Trencin Castle is very easy to photograph from anywhere in Trencin, as it's towering above the city. I took this shot from a river bank right by the bridge.

Before we entered the rough waters of San Francisco Bay, I took this shot from Florian's sail boat (sailing through Oakland Inner Harbor)

While walking through the Siq in Petra (Jordan), I took a photo of two kids sneaking to smoke a cigarette. These kids have lots of street smarts, but they are most proficient in ripping the tourists off. Their English is also surprisingly good.

A midnight hug at the Piazza San Marco.

Belly dancer (Pasadena, 2011)

A waterfall along the trail in Rohace Mountains in Slovakia.

This is the place where Brad proposed, about one minute before he did so. It's the topmost alpine lake in Rohace, Slovakia. Right after I took this shot, Brad lured me onto the little peninsula in the lake. When we got there, I started looking for my next shot. And then I look down and he is on his knees.

Eight seconds at the Piazza San Marco:

This is Orava Castle (shot from an inside of a moving car on a highway). Brad and I got married at Orava Castle which makes it extra special for me: